Teaching Philosophy

1) As an aspiring teacher, I have lots to learn before I am ready to teach students. Even after I graduate and get my teaching degree, I will still have lots to learn. I believe that you can never stop learning, either as a teacher or a student. I strive to be the teacher who will continue to expand his knowledge and skills to teach the students better.

2) Equality and Equity. As a visible minority, I have been exposed to discrimination too many times. I strive to make my classroom a place where everyone is equal and will be given extra attention or help based on the individual, not on their cultural background.

3) Every student is different, thus their learning strategies will be different. I hope to incorporate different learning strategies throughout my courses so that the students may find one that they can benefit from.

4) Real life learning. I remember my Math questions being…..just numbers. I hope to integrate real life situations to make Math more relatable. I believe doing so will make the students more intrigued to a subject that many finds “boring.”

5) I hope to make a connection with my students. My high school English teacher was very approachable and her class was an inviting environment. All the students in that class got along and loved the English teacher. That is one of the main reasons I aspire to be a high school teacher. My whole life has changed, all because of that one teacher. I aspire to be like my past English teacher and maybe, just maybe, inspire a student.


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