Let’s learn…to decide!

For my learning project I am debating between improving and learning new frisbee throws and learning how to manage my time better.

I play frisbee with my friends in the summer and sometimes for intramural at the UofR. I only have one throw that I am comfortable using and even that one lacks accuracy. The problem with frisbee is that to practice I need a wide open space with nothing that I can break. This is gonna be hard to find during winter time.

For managing my time, I do not really know how I will be able to record the time spent on this other than the time I spent researching but it would be a really useful skill for me since I procrastinate almost all the time.

I will be looking in to both and see if I can come up with solutions by next week!



This is me….procrastinating….

Hello everyone! My name is Jung Lee but I prefer to go by Daniel! It has been a busy start of the semester because I just came back from a study abroad trip in South Korea only a couple of days before the semester started.

A picture I took for proof —->    

I had lots of things to do (and still have a lot of things to do) before I get completely settled back in my Regina life so I have been procrastinating on my blog. I do happen to procrastinate a lot and have just accepted the fact that it is who I am.

I am not a tech savvy person nor a person who likes to blog so this class will be an interesting experience for me….add in the fact that I procrastinate…. I hope I survive this class!

P.S. I have just made a twitter account and have no followers. Please make me seem somewhat less lonely.