Technology is Taking Over

Technology is taking over.

But not like robots dominating over the humans or anything like that. I mean that the use of technology is so readily available for us that it has become a part of our daily lives. I am sure that most people cannot go a full day without checking their phone.

Teachers are using technology to teach in classrooms now, but students are also getting distracted by their phones in class. You can search on the internet for help on your homework, but it can also be used to search harmful things.

Technology opens many doors for both teachers and students, but how can we regulate it?

In my ECS 100 class the instructor asked us how we would deal with students using their phone when it is clear they are not using it for the class work. There were no answers that fully stopped a student from doing so. The best suggestion was whenever a student is caught with their phone, the teacher doesn’t say anything, just records it and it deducts marks from your attendance/participation marks. The problem with this was that what if the student was using it to help with his class work? Are we going to penalize the student for using a resource?

With the technology continuously growing and taking over, it will only get easier for students to have access to one and harder to keep students focused on class.

So, my question is, what can we do? Is there a way we can stop students from using technology to distract themselves or is it something we are going to have to let be and let their marks be their punishment.


Burnt Out

If anyone else burnt out?

I have a midterm in about 40 minutes, have not started studying for it at all. I just have motivation to do so. Instead, I’ve been trying to look up was to deal with being burnt out online. Most of the blogs said the same thing. Time management, healthy snacks, exercise, blah blah blah. I need tips that help me right now, in under 40 minutes.One of the blogs mentioned drinking caffeine will give you a temporary boost so I plan on drinking a coke before the midterm.

Another suggestions was to get counseling so, I am asking you, my online peers, for help. What do you do when you’re burnt out?

I’m sure reading break will help a lot but I still have another midterm next week! I need something that gets me immediate results.

Power of Youth

I recently went to my placement school for my ECS100 class. I am in the secondary education program but was placed in the a grade 4/5 class.

When I first came in to the class, there were a few students who started talking to me. Talking about where they were from, how much they like World War 1, how much they like World War 2 than 1, how their fuzzy scarf was an owl who recently gave birth to two baby owls, etc.

I had forgotten how welcoming kids were.

The day I went, there were Rough Riders coming to do a presentation on bullying. One of the kids thought I was a Rough Rider. Soon enough, most of the kids thought I was a Rough Rider!

I had forgotten how easily tricked kids were.

I had forgotten how vulnerable they were.

Because they are so welcoming, because they are so easily tricked, they are at a huge risk of getting taken advantage of. Kids are so trusting of adults that predators can easily take advantage of that.

It reminded me how we need to educate kids on the dangers of strangers. Not just by telling them, because I as a child did not listen to my parents warnings, but a different way that will more likely be heeded by children. I am not sure just how we will be able to do that, but I hope we can figure it out soon.


Daniel, Killer of Trees.

A little update on my learning project.

Shout out to all those who gave me their suggestions on studying tips! I will definitely make an effort to try them out!

In my last blog I said I was going to try rewarding myself with snacks, use the flora app to keep me away from my phone, listen to Mozart, and move my study space around.

Things I learned:

  1.  I have no self control. The snacks were gone instantly.
  2. I have no sympathy for trees cause I have killed numerous amounts on Flora.
  3. I don’t like Mozart.

So the tip about snacks, did not help at all cause I ran out of snacks.

Flora made no difference cause I am a cold-hearted killer.

Mozart distracted me more because I just didn’t enjoy it and would take momentary breaks from studying to ask myself “What am I listening to?”

The one thing that did help me was moving my study space. When I felt burnt out from study and can’t study any further, I would pack up my stuff and move to a different location. I found out that physically moving around cleared up my mind a little and studying in a new location makes it feel like I just started studying. I was able study much longer thanks to this tip.

I hope you guys try it out and helps you out!


Hey guys!

Just had my ECS 100 class and we watched a very interesting video explaining privilege.

There was a great discussion in class how it is a very powerful video explaining privilege in a very clear way but it wasn’t without its damages. The people who were not able to any steps were singled out. You can clearly see them getting nervous or upset.

Have you guys seen this video? What are your thoughts on it? I look forward to hearing from you guys!

Studying how to Study

So, for my learning project I have decided to learn how to study better! It would be a really good skill to have since, I am a student and all.

For my first post I have found a site that had some useful tips that I wanted to try out!

Some of the tips I want to try out are

3. Reward Yourself With A Treat

because I’m not gonna pass up on an excuse to get my snack on. So I plan on letting myself have a snack every time I answer a specific amount of questions or if I’m doing something like an essay, for every specific amount of time I work on the essay (with no interruption).

8. Use Apps to Block Distracting Sites

I am sure I am not alone when I say that the biggest distraction is internet. I get messages, someone tags me in Facebook posts, or I just start browsing Instagram on my phone (hopefully I can start browsing Twitter instead of Instagram for EDTC300). Even though it is a huge distraction, it is also my most helpful tool for studying. so I can’t just turn off all my internet connections so having apps to block them for me will be really useful!

The blog recommends SelfControl app it does not seem like it will work for me  so I am going off a friend’s recommendation! Flora is an app where you plant a tree and pick when it will be fully grown. During the time it is growing, you cannot use your phone or it will kill the tree. The idea is that you will feel guilty about killing the tree so you won’t use it.

13. Listen to the Correct Type of Music

I always listen to instrumental music while studying because if a song has lyrics I always end up singing along and getting distracted. I have always listened to my music at a loud volume to drown out the outside noise but their blog about which music to listen to states that it should be listened at a moderate volume. It also recommends Mozart because of something called the “Mozart Effect” where listening to Mozart improves mental performance.

14. Make Your Study Space Portable

I always either sit in the first floor of the Archer Library or in RIC at school to study but the blog states that it improves information retention when you move around.

I plan on studying at a different spot everyday and maybe try moving to a different studying spot during the day.

I really hope some of these tips help me out cause I got a midterm on Friday! I will keep you guys updated on how I do! Wish me luck everyone!

Trying to Relate

For this week’s assignment, I am using Feedly to look up education related sources. I searched for generic topics such as education, teacher, math teacher, and etc.

Now that I think about it “school” would be a good topic to look up. Mental note.

I look at the description of the blogs to see if they would be helpful to me and I go on to the blog to see a few of their articles. I found a blog called “Edublogger” that had tips on working on your blog that I found pretty helpful (since I am new to blogging).

One of the helpful tips was that if your paragraph is just one huge block then it is likely that not everyone will read it all. To combat this it recommended to play around with the paragraphs instead of keeping all related sentences in one paragraph.

I’m using the tip right now. Is it working?