We made it folks


It’s nearing the end of the semester folks. We are so close! I can almost taste not having to wake up to an alarm. Good luck to everyone who is struggling to finish their final assignments and studying for their finals!

For my summary of learning, I covered a song! I am not a good singer so please don’t judge me too harshly.


Again, please don’t judge too harshly! 😛


For my great EDTC debate, I faced off Jesse in debating whether or not teachers should use social media and technology to promote social justice and fight oppression. I was on the against side. It was not a topic that I felt too strongly about, especially the against side. However, the debate must go on! It was difficult trying to defend a side that I wasn’t passionate about. I admit I could have tried harder but again, no passion. It made me think about teachers who are not passionate about their jobs. Can students receive the best possible education from a teacher who is not motivated or passionate about their job? I don’t think so. Getting back to the debate, Katia had informed me afterward that one of my main points and one of my argument against Jesse did not match up. I said that students are too young to make rational decisions for themselves but argued with Jesse that students should be presented with facts from both sides of a topic and decide for themselves. This made me believe that debates are hard! However, she made a valid point that I had missed. I am still inexperienced when it comes to debates. I know that there will be parents or even higher-ups in the education system may question my teaching methods or topics. I have to be prepared to debate with them to prove my point. During the debate, we as a class talked about basing opinions on proven facts. I need to get better at acquiring facts or scholarly articles that support my case. Overall, it was a fun debate and I will definitely miss the Great EDTC Debate opening song!


It was hard trying to be a mentor. I struggled to give useful feedback to my mentees because I am not that much more educated about what they posted on their blogs. My mentees’ learning projects were knitting, cooking, and calligraphy, all of which I have little to no experience! Even with EDTC course topics, I am not that much better than them (if not worse!). I may have more experience with the EDTC course but they may be more tech-savvy than I am. I wanted to give useful feedbacks but I didn’t want to give them wrong info or not-so-good feedback. It was a difficult time trying to figure out what to comment. I know from personal experience that helpful feedbacks make a huge difference in the student’s improvement and honestly, it’s a skill to be able to give helpful feedback. It is one of the many things that I hope to learn or improve on before I become a teacher. In the end, I just tried to motivate or encourage them on their learning projects. I genuinely am interested in all three of the hobbies but I’m too lazy to actually pursue them myself. I lived vicariously through my mentees! I hope they continue to pursue their learning projects after EDTC 300!

Mentee comment log


This was my first time preparing a lesson plan. It was scary having no experience or knowledge in making one. I was glad I had my amazing classmates Jayden and Raeann to rely on! I was lucky to be in a group with these two. For our mini-lesson, we did a fun little activity called the Estimation Stations! We each set up stations to work on an Esti-Mystery. Esti-Mysteries are fun activities that requires students to use math to get to the answer! I know, math and fun don’t always go together but trust me on Esti-Mysteries, they are so much fun! We found Esti-Mystery on Twitter and knew that it would be fun to use for our mini-lesson. I am a firm believer in using games to teach or enhance students’ knowledge. They won’t even know that they are actually learning! This mini-lesson assignment was a good experience for me and I hope to make better lesson plans in the future.

Overall, I learned many new things from articles that either Katia or my classmates shared, found resources through PLN, gained useful experiences, and learned what I need to improve on if I want to become a good teacher. It is sad that there are no more EDTC courses after this one. I know that what I learned and experienced in this class will be useful for my journey to becoming a good teacher.

Have a wonderful summer everyone!




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  1. Hi Daniel, props to you for tackling covering a song! A super creative idea and a great way to connect all of your learnings from the course together, good luck with your finals and enjoy sleeping with no alarms very soon! 🙂

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