Do we really need teachers?

Our EDTC 400 debate was on whether or not subjects that can be searched online be taught or not. This was a very tough topic for me. As an aspiring teacher, I could potentially be out of a job if students were made to learn materials online because, let’s face it, you can learn almost anything online. However, I am not against learning materials online over learning it from a teacher. I had taken a class where the teacher was not very efficient at teaching. The more I tried to understand him, the more confused I would be. Instead of going to his class, I skipped and learned from online sources. This allowed me to learn at my own convenience (because his class was too early for me), and I was given the option of learning from someone that I could understand. Although I had understood it better from sources online, the teacher had a specific way he had wanted us to do the questions and I have been docked marks off because I did not do it his way.

The materials given to us by Aurora and Sydney gave me some new perspectives. This Ted talk has taught me that Google can interfere with people’s searches if they wish to. While I did approve of when they did it for Michelle Obama and not for the terrorist, it is still frightening that for a search engine that almost everybody uses and believes the search outcomes, they have the power to manipulate the searches.

This article talks about how “have a romantic attachment to skills from the past”.

Which I do agree, partly. I talked about in my last blog post about how students are slowly becoming uncomfortable with face-to-face interactions. Is human interaction nota skill from the past that younger generations still need?

I also mentioned in my last blog post that the technology had stopped our ability to think for ourselves and this article shares the same concern.

So, what is my conclusion? I think it matters on the teacher who is teaching the subject. Like this article states, the teachers need to motivate the student. How can a teacher do that? The teacher needs to be passionate about what he/she is teaching, need to be knowledgeable on the subject, and also understands that every student has different mental abilities on learning that varies from subject to subject. The right teacher will eliminate the need for students to turn for online sources to learn a subject.


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  1. Hi Daniel!
    The title of your blog post really captured my attention so I just had to check it out! I agree with your statements that suggest that the role of the teacher is important and therefore we need to really consider if we are doing everything we can to ensure that we are supporting our students. I have also had classes were the teachers seemed to be very disconnected with the needs of the students and we had to rely on the internet to answer many of our questions. However, I have also had teachers that have gone above and beyond to provide supports to help all the students understand and those teachers are the ones that have had the biggest impact on making me want to pursue a career in teaching. So I guess what i’m saying is that I agree that it depends on who is teaching, but when comparing Google to a caring teacher who is devoted to helping students learn, I am team teacher all the way!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!


  2. Hey Daniel,
    Like you, I am not totally against using Google for learning, I do see it’s downfalls. While Google does allow the opportunity to learn a concept in a different way than a teacher, teacher’s sometimes do not teach in the same fashion as online. It is difficult to find certain teacher’s problem-solving techniques, especially in math. I believe teachers have to be open about different ways to solving or answering a question if the answers are online. It is difficult though as a teacher because for some concepts, there are many ways to teach so I am in a crossroads with this. Is it possible to accept other forms of work which is learnt online?

    Until next time,
    – Jayden


  3. Hey Daniel,

    One of your reasons for leaning towards the stance of the opposition was that when you trusted in Google to teach you what your teacher couldn’t, you ended up getting an insufficient mark. I too had an experience like this! During high school I had a crappy teacher who failed at teaching. I had to resort to Google to teach me instead but ended up getting it all wrong! Ever since then I was never sure what the right answer was, that is until I watched the Ted Talk, The Moral Bias Behind Your Search Results. In your post you referenced this video and mentioned how it’s frightening that information online can be manipulated. I totally agree! I think that this alone is reason enough for teachers to continue teaching what can be Googled.

    Thanks for the read,


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