Reading Response 5

Before reading:

I think that the curricula are developed by the school board in cooperation with the other school boards from different sections, provinces. The government does have some influence on the development of the curricula.

After reading:

It saddens me to find out just how much the government and the industry has so much say in education. I had hoped that the government had very little say on curricula but it appears that they have a lot of power when it comes to developing curricula. Not only that, big companies have a say in what is taught to. Just like we talked about in lecture, Pearsons will cater to the province who is willing to buy the most textbooks. I had always thought that the textbooks were made as a collective of the education boards but now I realize that it is just made according to the highest buyer. It had made me realize that I was quite clueless about the world of education. I had this utopian vision of education, where the main focus is the students’ learning but that is not the case. The students who are the most affected by the curricula have the least amount of say in the development. I had not realized that there was so much political influence involved in education. This article was an eye-opening article for me and it makes me question if I will ever be able to teach the way I had always hoped to or will I be suppressed by the political influences and made to conform to their ways


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