Should it stay or should it go?

In this week’s debate, the topic was whether or not technology would be beneficial in the classroom or not. I have no doubt in my mind that technology would greatly help students in their learning IF AND ONLY IF it is used correctly. Here the the pros and cons list:


-It can help students in their learning.

-The younger generation are more skilled in the use of technology according to George Couros, so why not use that skill to help the younger generation learn in an environment they are comfortable with?

-More ease of finding materials for research, essay, ideas, learning, and even personal reading materials.

-Almost every student has a smart phone now/technology becoming more accessable.

-If class lecture is recorded, students may rewatch or watch it on their own time if they missed the class.



-Expensive. It is expensive to buy and maintain. It had not occured to me the cost of maintenance until Matthew Lynch had noted it.

-Teachers may be inexperienced to how the new technology work. Trying to keep teachers up to date about the technology and how to use it costs even more money, as note by Matthew Lynch again. Some teachers may outright hate implementing technology in to their classroom, which would cause the misuse of technology. Teachers who hate technology uses in classrooms may cut corners on important subjects such as digital identity.

-Not all teachers need technology to teach their classroom. Teachers such as gym teachers do not need technology to teach their class, they need equipment. Would it be fair for other teachers to get expensive technology for the class while the phys ed teachers are short funded because of how expensive the technology are?

-The younger generation are become more and more uncomfortable with face-to-face interactions. At the 1 minute point of this video shown to us by Ashlee, the student says herself that students lack that skill. I understand that the teacher just wants a way to connect with her students, but isn’t she enabling students to keep avoiding face-to-face interactions with adults? What if the students need to attend an interview for a job, but does not get the job simply because they were nervous and had messed up?

-There is no equality when it comes to technology. As I mentioned before, it is expensive. Students may not have access to it at home and are behind in their technological skills compared to classmates. Schools in less developed commuities will have difficulties with slow or unstable internet connections.

-Lastly, for the cons I want to state that with technology advancing and becoming a huge part of everyone’s lives, the old methods are becoming lost. Skill such as writing, how to find books in the library, and most importantly, how to think for ourselves. What I mean by think for ourselves is that we don’t take a moment to ponder what something behaves a certain way or question why certain animals behave a certain way. If a question like, do bananas grow stem side up or down? (By stem I mean the part in the red circle. Delicious looking I know)

Everyone with a smarthphone would just google the answer without thinking about it, without thinking about what would be the logical answer using our own personal experiences and knowledge. We, as a whole, have lost our sense or wonderment.


While I believe technology can be beneficial in the classroom, I am staying neutral on whether or not it should be used in classrooms. There are so many hurdles that needs to be overcome that I just do not know if it is worth the risk of potential harming the students’ chances at improving their learning and their life skills.


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