My Digital Identity

For this week we were asked to look through our social media and to see what they say about ourselves. First I looked through my Facebook profile. While I have no pictures of me drinking alcohol or doing anything that could jeopardize my career as a teacher. However, there were some posts that may raise some red flags.

While they aren’t necessarily bad posts, they may be seen as unprofessional. These posts were made when I was still in high school and I think it is safe to say that almost everyone has made some childish posts on social media when they were in their younger years. I am no exception. These kinds of posts will definitely be better off being deleted than kept on where people can see. However, I do not wish to delete them. My sense of humor has not strayed that far from when I was younger and I find these posts to be hilarious. It shows what kind of person I am and what I will be like in the classroom. In my ECS 210 seminar, the class was discussing what makes a “good teacher”. One of the things was a sense of humor. This is my sense of humor. I am obviously a big fan of poop jokes.

While there are some posts where my language is a bit crude, I believe I will be relatively secure from people other than my friends. My account can only be viewed by my friends and if people try to search me, then they will have a lot of trouble finding me. Since my name is so generic, it is pretty much impossible to search for my facebook account unless we have common friends.   I guess I’m a soccer player! If I look up “Daniel Lee”…..

I become a Film director! How exciting!

The only other social media I use is Instagram and my Instagram page is quite boring. It’s mostly just selfies and cat pics.

For the time being, I believe my digital identity is acceptable for a person pursuing to be a teacher. There are some parts where I will need to tidy up but for the time being, I am satisfied with how I am being represented digitally.

On a side note, I saw this link while lurking on my Facebook. Sadly the page is no longer available but just wanted to show everyone!


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  1. Hi Daniel, you did a very good job at analyzing your social media accounts, and I do agree with you; I think everyone makes some not so professional posts when they are young and new to social media, and that is okay! Do you wish to keep your posts private? Also, do you think it is good that people can not find your facebook page, or may that be seen as a red flag to your future students and employers? Just some food for thought, great post!


    1. Hey Sydney! In my case where it’s hard to find me purely cause of the circumstance that my name is so generic, I don’t think it would raise any red flags! At the moment, I would like to keep my posts private. I still have some posts that I need to clean up but I just haven’t found the time to go all the way back to when I first started Facebook. Afterward, I would make it public! Thank you for commenting!


  2. Hey Daniel! As I started to read your post I immediately agreed with your comment that everyone makes posts that they don’t completely think through when they are younger (and some people continue to do this throughout their life time) but I find your point about not wanting to delete these posts to be quite interesting. While I personally don’t know of any posts of mine that raise any major flags or may be controversial (mainly due to my inactivity) I admire your confidence and motivation to show the real you online. This is something that I struggle with so I could learn a thing or two from you! Thanks!


    1. I believe that teachers should not be so scared to show who they really are (although there are some clear boundaries of what a teacher should not be doing). If you’re not quite confident in sharing everything from the past, how about trying to make future posts something you can be proud of and shows you as a professional? Thanks for reading my blog!


  3. Hey Daniel, great post you have here! I think it is important that we keep our sense of humour online! I am happy you have the confidence to admit that you posted some not so smart posts in the past. I know I have as well. I enjoy that you have a lot of cat pictures on your Instagram, I am a cat person myself!


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