Imma go nap.

So I woke up today with many things I needed to get done. I promised myself that I am going to eat breakfast and then go straight to school to get all my assignments done.


After I finished eating my breakfast(which was really lunch because I woke up at 11) my eyes are were tired and I felt sleepy. So, I took a nap.


Now that I am working on my learning project, I wondered, “Did that nap I took benefit me or hinder me?”

I decided to go back to Thomas Frank because I really enjoyed his video on my last blog post and learned quite a bit from it, hoping that he had a video on naps.

TA-DA! He did!

And he did not disappoint!

Thomas said that naps can benefit you, decreasing fatigue, more energy, and helps memory consolidation. I had no idea what memory consolidation meant so I did a little research. The verywellmind site said that, in a nut shell, it is just how well you remember something. It also states that sleep may be important in memory consolidation. The experts have suggested it and I am not one to complain about being able to take naps.

In Thomas’ video, he talks about a Circadian rhythm and while I also do not know what this is, I learned all I needed to know about it. Most people’s energy level will be at its lowest around 2-4 AM, when most are asleep. However, at around 1-3PM, the energy level will be at a low point again. So there’s a reason why you may be wanting to take a nap in the afternoon.

Now to talk about how to take a power nap that you wake up to revitalized and ready to take on the day again instead of waking up groggy.


The first tip he gives is the duration of the nap. He suggests taking a 10-20 minute nap because of the sleep cycle. When you are sleeping, you go through different stages of sleeping which starts over in 90 minute periods. When you wake up in the later stages of your sleep, you will wake up feeling groggy. So, unless you can sleep for a full 90 minutes, he suggests limiting the naps to 10-20 minutes.

The second tip is that even though you may take 10 minutes to actually fall asleep, giving you only a 10 minute nap, the act of just closing your eyes and relaxing has its own benefits. The third tip he gives is the use of eye mask, earplugs or noise cancelling headphones so you get an undisturbed and quality nap.

He also suggest using apps to help you fall asleep. He recommends using pzizz (almost looks like pizza so I will probably pronounce is pizza in real life). I will not be going in to detail about the app because I personally prefer to sleep in a quiet environment with no noise. It also isn’t very useful when you have earplugs in like Thomas suggested you use.

The last tip he suggests is also one I will probably stay away from. He suggest taking a “coffee nap” which is basically you drink coffee and then you go nap right after for 20 minutes. The reasoning behind this is that coffee does not actually wake people up, it makes them feel tired less quickly. The caffeine also takes about 20 minutes for it to kick in so if you take a nap right after you drink coffee you will wake up less refreshed and the caffeine will start to kick in. I personally stay away from coffee as much as possible because it works too well on me. If I drink at 7AM, it keeps me up till 4AM (that’s almost the WHOLE DAY).

While I was watching his video, it got me thinking. Naps can benefit your learning, the video stated that Thomas Edison and Beethoven took naps to boost their creativity. It seems like there are many benefits to taking an afternoon nap, so should schools implement a nap time? Tell me what you guys think of taking naps in school!




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