Reading Response 4

School Placement

At first when I heard that I would be placed in a classroom when I have learned nothing about actually teaching, I was surprised, but at the end of my placement it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I have learned so much just by being in the classroom setting as an educator, not a student. I have a newly found admiration for teachers now. The teacher I got placed with handled the class in a stern but loving and caring way. She would demand respect from the students and, in turn, gave respect to them. She had given me an opportunity to teach the class something and I was ecstatic. I had planned to teach about the water cycle by taking them outside and moving around. Sadly, the day that I was supposed to teach was a very windy and cold day that I did not get to teach them. During my time I had learned many new things about the students. When I first came to the classroom, they thought I was a Roughrider because the Riders were doing a presentation on bullying later that day. For a few days after, they still thought I was a Roughrider when I told them that I am not. This taught me that children can easily be manipulated into thinking something. The trust they put in adults and how readily they believe what they are told or think is something I need to be very cautious about. At the last day of my placement, the teacher threw a chocolate party because they were reading the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. I had believed that the amount of sugar they would be consuming will make them wild and uncontrollable. However, they are no more energetic as the rest of the time and were very respectful when I was handing out the chocolate and snacks. They had surprised me at how mature they were for a grade ⅘ class. I had not given them the respect that they deserved. I was also surprised at how friendly they were with me. I want to teach high school students because I always thought myself as awkward around the younger kids, but some of the students decided to come sit with me instead of with their friends while they were eating their chocolate snacks. I had not realized I had become so close with them in such a short amount of time. When they were hugging me and saying goodbye, I think I had a bit of a “aha!” moment. It made me so happy that they were giving me hugs instead of high fives or handshakes because a hug is more emotion to me and it was their choice to hug me when saying goodbye. It also raised the question of how many physical contact I can have with the students. When student was hugging me longer than the other students and the teacher had to tell her to stop. Later I asked and found out the teacher uses a 2 second rule for hugs. I will have to figure out where to set the boundaries with physical contact with the students. Overall it was an exhausting experience, but it was just as rewarding. I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle teaching elementary school students but I am starting to think that I can.


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