I feel like a hacker

Well not really a hacker, but I do definitely feel like I would be better at coding!

P.S. if you do want to become a hacker go on to this website and just type whatever. Instant hacking.

Well, I just finished my hour of coding and it was more difficult than I thought it would be, but I did it. I got my certificate. I graduated!

I don’t know why my name doesn’t show up but that can be easily fixed with Paint!

I just want to thank my family and friends for always supporting me, Katia for making me do this, and, most of all, my cat. She just makes me want to be a better person.

The programs I wanted to try out all needed to be done through apps but I can’t use Screencastify if I’m using an app! Finally, I decided on Moana cause when Katia did it, it looked easy. Easy enough for me to do it cause I am not a computer savvy person. Like, at all.

It started off easy but it got more difficult than I assumed it would be. My main struggle was trying to figure out which way her left and right was. After figure out the left and right, there was the struggle of figuring out how many times a move needs to be repeated. Instead of making Moana go forward, then turn left, forward again, then another left turn, there’s a repeat function that you can set how many times the moves can be repeated. For some reason I would always repeat it 1 less than I needed to.

Some things I learned from an hour of coding.

For your code to work, you need to follow the basic steps. If you miss a step and accidentally add in another step, you won’t be able to make it do what you want it to. I found this highly interesting because it is the same with Mathematics. There are basic orders of operations that you need to follow for any equations to work properly.

There are functions were you can repeat a set of actions or make it do something till it reaches a goal. I thought that this was familiar to math formulas. There are many formulas for different equations. There’s a formula to find the area of the triangle but you wouldn’t be using to calculate the distance of point A to point B. The repetition function is the same. You wouldn’t tell Moana to keep going straight till she reaches a rope when there is no rope present.

There are a limited amount of actions you can use per round. This reminded me of math equations where you can solve it the long way or the short way. The restriction of actions shows that this is the least amount of actions you need to finish the round. The same can be said for Mathematics. For example: 3×7 can be solved using the multiplication but it can also be solved by addition 7+7+7. If the numbers were larger, trying to add up, let’s say, 20 7’s is going to be very time consuming. There are faster and simpler ways for math equations.

Laura had tweeted an interesting story about the use of Cubelets. It uses a similar idea as coding but it is unrestricted. There are cubes that can be connected together through magnets and those individual cubes does something specific. You are basically creating a robot who with a specific behavior that varies on which cubes are connected. I thought it was really interesting and would have a similar effects to doing an hour of coding. However, it is crazy expensive. I’m afraid I may never get to utilize it in a classroom


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  1. I’m doing coding for my Learning Project this semester, so I’ve done a few of these “Hours of Code,” and I agree with you about the assumed difficulty — because they are “kid” friendly, I assumed they would be really easy to work through, but I’ve been stumped quite a few times.

    I’m glad you were able to relate the experience to something you’re more familiar with, definitely deepens the understanding a little bit!


  2. Hey Daniel, I really appreciated your post on coding. I think relating it to math is important because I think you have to have a concept of math in order to do coding. Coding I think is an expansion of math, and could be used to build on their math skills. I really enjoy your layout of your WordPress it is very organize and looks professional!


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