Brace Yourself…..

Brace yourself, finals are coming.


With finals just around the corner, I will be relying on my learning project more than ever.

For this week I went back on Youtube and looked up how to study again. I saw a video that said how to study longer. Two posts ago, I watched a video that recommended taking breaks every 25~30 minutes because that is when the average person starts to lose focus so I thought this video would be a nice contrast. The video is also done by a blogger who is blogging her journey to becoming a med student while staying fit so I thought that was a nice contrast from posts from professors or magazine sites and etc.

Surprisingly, the tips that TheStriveToFit had were similar to the previous Youtube video that I watched. She recommends scheduling breaks if you want to be able to study longer. Since they were similar I decided to check out another video. A friend of mine who happened to walk by just as I searched up how to study on Youtube again, he saw a video by Thomas Frank and blurted out “I love him! He has good study tips!” Okay, I am sold! I will check out Thomas Frank.


He talks about an interesting technique called the Space Repetition technique. Basically, for materials you don’t know very well, you look over it more often than the material you know well. The time frame between when you look over it is important too. You recall the memory when you are on the verge of forgetting again. This strains the brain, making it easier for the brain to remember it in the long run.

This chart shows us a rough representation of how you should be spacing out the time you recall the material you are trying to study. The top one is what you would expect when you study everything at the same frequency. The Spaced Repetition method shows us that it should be spaced out and the more you get familiar with it, the more you space it out. One of the ways you can do the Spaced Repetition is using flash cards. Thomas recommends using an app called Anki to make digital flash cards to utilize the Spaced Repetition method but I will be trying it with good old fashion paper because I like to look through them when I am walking around.


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  1. Daniel, what a great and informative blog post. I love the visual of the chart. I definitely believe it is accurate. I just find it hard to actually do the Spaced Repetition study method. Also, I will definitely be trying the app, Anki to make digital flashcards. I also think this app could be incorporated into the classroom depending on the lesson, grade, etc. What do you think?


    1. The digital flashcards can definitely benefit lessons! They will be cost effective and environmentally friendly way to help students memorize materials. For Math lessons, it may not be as effective as other classes since students are not actually required to memorize the formulas (able to bring a cheat sheet to exams). However, for language classes I think it will be a great asset! Thanks for commenting Laura!


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