Quitting Cold Turkey

For this week’s blog post/learning project, I have decided to try out Cold Turkey! Its an app that lets you set up a timer for how long you can’t access any sites that you think is a distraction. I decided on this app when a friend told me about the selfcontrol app for Apple computers. Sadly, I am poor and can’t afford one so I had to find a similar app for windows computers #brokestudent.

Let’s take a quick tour of the app. After you finish downloading and setting up the extensions in your browsers, open up the app.

On the left side, two slots below “Dashboard,” you see block lists.

The app already has 54 sites that you might find distracting already. It had Facebook and Youtube on there already so I decided to use the default list. To add sites or make a personal list, all you need to do is click the green button above and add in the sites you want blocked. For example: for Facebook, simply type in facebook.com and you are good to go.

Now to start the timer go back to dashboard and click on “Start a timer”

The apps kinda funny because you can potentially block the sites till 2019, but I need my Facebook for sleuthing.

You can pick when to block the sites till by date, hour and minutes in 10 minute intervals. Sadly the breaks option is locked for the pro users, but who has the money to spend on this app? To start it you click the off bar and you are good to go. It does give you a warning if you have the “lock timers” option on.

What this means is that if you have the “lock timers” option off, you can turn off the block anytime but if you have it on, you have to wait till the times up. So I started the block and decided to see if it really works by going on Facebook.

It works! Sadly…..

Some pros and cons about this app


  • It stops you or your students from distracting websites when you should be doing something productive. It could be a great tool for teachers to set up on the school laptops or computers to prevent the students from going on social media websites or gaming websites.
  • You can pick which sites to block and can set up personalized list for specific occasions.


  • From what I can see, once you set up the timer and have the lock timers option on, you can’t do anything to get on those websites again. Any one of your “troll” friends could go on and set up a timer till 2020 and you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Perhaps deleting the app will allow you access to those websites again?
  • While social media is distracting, classes like our EDTC300 classes heavily rely on social media.
  • Some of the sites may have materials we need to help our homework/studies. For example, you need help on a math question and a quick googling gives you a Youtube video on how to do the question. However, you can’t watch it because you blocked Youtube for the next hour.
  • You can still use your phone for social media.

For me personally there are more cons than pros to this app. While it may be useful at certain situations, I don’t see myself using this app very often. Tell me what you guys think! Would you use it?



3 thoughts on “Quitting Cold Turkey

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  1. This is super neat! Reminds me of those jars you can put your phone in for a set amount of time so you can be distraction free. I don’t think I would have enough self control to actually do this though haha do you find yourself actually using this on a regular basis?


    1. I actually have not used it since doing my learning project post on it. I found that I get increasingly frustrated when I can’t go on the sites that I want to go on. So, instead of getting really frustrated and giving up on studying all together, I try to limit how long I stay on social media! If I had the break function that the paid version offered I might be more inclined to use it. The other option would be to set timers for a really short period of time continuously but that just seems redundant.


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