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Response 7 Oh Canada: Bridges and Barriers to Inclusion

With the current grade system, the very idea of equality is difficult. There will always be students with varying levels of intelligence, needs, and everything else that makes each students an individual. I was thinking about how we can combat this and the only solution that I could come up with was to get rid of the grade system currently in place. Instead of having to graduate elementary school to be able to go to high school and graduate from high school to be able to go to university, what if you just had to meet the subject requirement? What I mean by that is to get rid of grade 1, grade 11, etc. and just have levels of each subject. For example the subject math will start from level 1(grade 1 level) all the way up to the university level so instead of having to graduate from elementary school to attend high school classes, you have to graduate from the subject. This will allow students to learn subjects at their own personal pace. A student may be taking a university level of English but may still be in a high school level in Math because this student struggles with Math. By doing this students are not hindered to thrive in the subject they excel at simply because they struggle with other subjects. Universities and high schools (although it is more restricted than universities) already function like this. The problem with this is attending classes. If a student is in a university level English, high school level Math and elementary school Social Studies, it will be very difficult to move from school to school to attend the different level classes. The only solution to this problem will be to have just one combined school that teaches subjects of all levels but that has complications too.

Each students are different and will learn at a different pace for each subjects. By restricting the students to grades, they are hindered in their progress on subjects they thrive at simply because they cannot pass the math class they need to graduate their grade. I know for myself, I excel at Math while my English and Social Studies skills are heavily lacking compared to my Math skills. While elementary school was easy, there were some difficulties in high school. I would avoid taking English and Social Studies classes as much as I could because they were difficult for me and would have preferred to take more Math classes. If it was possible for me, I would have taken university level Math classes if it was available to me.


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