Reading response 4,5, and 6.

Response 4: Leroy Little Bear – Jagged

In the article, it talks about how the Aboriginal language differs from the English language. It also talks about how honesty is an important Aboriginal value. Keeping these points in mind, it is easy to see how the Aboriginal people were taken advantage of while making treaties. Having to speak a language that they are not familiar with and differs from their own language, there will be many miscommunications while making the treaties. The Aboriginals trusted the Europeans to be honest and stay true to the treaty or their word. The Aboriginals were kind enough to share the land but the greedy Europeans wanted it all. The Aboriginals’ honesty, kindness, willingness to share, and their language barrier were taken advantage of.


Response 5: The Heart of a Teacher

“The techniques I have mastered do not disappear, but neither do they suffice.”

I strongly agree with this quote from the article. I believe that there is no “right” way to teaching; you can always improve your techniques. Teachers should always be striving to find new and innovative ways to teach. As the times change, teachers need to change along with it. For example, the new generations grow up with technology at their disposal. Although technology in class can be a distraction, teachers should not ban technology but try to integrate in to their teaching regime. It may be hard for the teacher if the teacher had grown up at a time where technology was not as advanced, but the teacher should learn and take advantage of the benefits that is available. Although looking for new techniques to improve your teaching methods is good, you should have a core structure to your teaching. You should develop your own style of teaching and strive to improve it.

Response 6: Ignorant School Master

While Joseph Jacoto’s students may have thrived on their own, not every students will be able to achieve what his students achieved. Every student is different, their learning styles are different, their intelligence is different. You cannot assume that students will all learn the same way just because one group of students achieved greater than expected knowledge on their own. I know for myself personally I learn better when I see someone doing it. I learn to ride a bike by watching other people riding. I learn math equations by watching other people solve it. I learn better from other people’s experiences rather than trying to teach myself. In cases like math, I believe that you need some sort of knowledgeable source. Unless you are a genius, you will not be able to produce the formula that saves countless hours to arrive at an answer. You will be solving equations the long way. The formulas used are complex and often times not explained why one formula is used for specific equations while it will not work for others. To learn the knowledge to distinguish, explain, and understand the structures of the formulas, will be hard to achieve by learning by oneself. Trying to solve an equation by oneself is extremely difficult without a second pair of eyes. Often times when a mistake is made, it is hard for the person who made the mistake to realize he/she made one; an instructor or a peer will be able to see the mistake with more ease.


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