The individuality of students.

Another school placement day has passed and this time I noticed something.

A student drew this!

I was so shocked at how amazing this students sketches was. She is in grade 4 or 5 and she draws better than me.

Then a question popped in to my mind. If she’s drawing in class instead of, let’s say silent reading, do I hinder her progress towards her possible future and make her read or do I let her continue? Not all students are interested in the same stuff. Not all students excel at the same stuff. This girl who is a talented artist clearly shows interest in art but if she is drawing during her reading time, what do I do?

The answer I came up with was to designate personal times instead of silent reading. During this time students can do anything they want as long as it is silent and not distracting the other students. During this time the artist student can draw while students who likes books can read. Students may abuse this time to goof off and not do productive activities during this time, but I think that is okay too. Not all students have the mental capacity to focus on school work the entire time they are at school. I know I get distracted multiple times during my 50 minute classes, I expect younger students have the same problem as me. They can use this time as a break from school work. I believe this will let them relieve some stress of the workload and have a easier time focusing on the upcoming school work.

The student’s individual talents and interests are going to be hard to accommodate for when there is only one teacher and multiple students. I believe giving time to themselves will be a great way to let students let their individual talents and interests bloom on their own.


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