Holding back to urge to bust out in song during class.

For my learning project I was going to use a new technique to writing down notes for my English class but we just so happen to be watching a movie till next week so I will not be able to try it out.

So, for this week’s learning project I am going to talk a little bit about music

Insert cheesy quote about how music is life blah blah blah (or just pick one you like from here).

This week I have not been able to stay awake during my Math127 class. Since I need to actually be awake to learn stuff, I decided to listen to some music while I attend my Math class.

To my surprise it actually kept me awake and more focused.

So I decided to do some researching about the effects of music. I know from my previous learning project post that listening to Mozart while studying improves brain cognition, but how did it help me stay awake? I am listening to music and my professor speaking, potentially splitting my attention to two subjects, and yet it helps me focus on my professor more.

A quote from this article states that “[m]usic activates both the left and right brain at the same time, and the activation of both hemispheres can maximize learning and improve memory.”

Hmmmm….If there are studies done on the benefits of listening to music while learning, why did my high school teacher to take off my earphones during class? It’s not like I had both of them in my ears or the volume cranked to the max, I just had it in one year and still paying attention to class.

In the case of my drowsy-during-math-class-syndrome, music was my cure because “[r]esearch has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness(added emphasis), and memory.” 

So, a question for everyone, should we allow students to listen to music during lectures as long as only they themselves can hear it and they are still paying attention to the classwork?

BONUS! Here’s an album I am constantly listening to while studying. Hope you like it! My favorite is L’Indécis – Staying There.


4 thoughts on “Holding back to urge to bust out in song during class.

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  1. Hey Daniel, I love that you brought up the issue of music and the ties it has to memory! When I was in my internship I taught a Psych 20 class and we did a lesson on the way that music impacts the brain. It was fascinating to do research to prepare to teach the class. I think that it is important to emphasize to students that listening to heavy metal or screamo may not be the best practice for studying. Thanks for sharing the link to the music!

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  2. I love this! I work with young people all the time and also have my own teens with DES (dangling earbud syndrome) and they all assure me they are listening! It helps to hear your perspective and opens up my thinking. Thanks Daniel!

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