Power of Youth

I recently went to my placement school for my ECS100 class. I am in the secondary education program but was placed in the a grade 4/5 class.

When I first came in to the class, there were a few students who started talking to me. Talking about where they were from, how much they like World War 1, how much they like World War 2 than 1, how their fuzzy scarf was an owl who recently gave birth to two baby owls, etc.

I had forgotten how welcoming kids were.

The day I went, there were Rough Riders coming to do a presentation on bullying. One of the kids thought I was a Rough Rider. Soon enough, most of the kids thought I was a Rough Rider!

I had forgotten how easily tricked kids were.

I had forgotten how vulnerable they were.

Because they are so welcoming, because they are so easily tricked, they are at a huge risk of getting taken advantage of. Kids are so trusting of adults that predators can easily take advantage of that.

It reminded me how we need to educate kids on the dangers of strangers. Not just by telling them, because I as a child did not listen to my parents warnings, but a different way that will more likely be heeded by children. I am not sure just how we will be able to do that, but I hope we can figure it out soon.



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