Burnt Out

If anyone else burnt out?

I have a midterm in about 40 minutes, have not started studying for it at all. I just have motivation to do so. Instead, I’ve been trying to look up was to deal with being burnt out online. Most of the blogs said the same thing. Time management, healthy snacks, exercise, blah blah blah. I need tips that help me right now, in under 40 minutes.One of the blogs mentioned drinking caffeine will give you a temporary boost so I plan on drinking a coke before the midterm.

Another suggestions was to get counseling so, I am asking you, my online peers, for help. What do you do when you’re burnt out?

I’m sure reading break will help a lot but I still have another midterm next week! I need something that gets me immediate results.


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  1. When I am feeling burnt out I like to drop all of my tasks momentarily and find a relaxing activity to distract myself with. Sometimes I will watch a tv show and colour, other times I will go read for a bit or game on my computer for a little while; this usually seems to help me to calm down a little bit. After I like to make a to do list in the order of importance (i’m a big list making fan). This helps my mind to focus on what tasks need immediate attention, and which ones can wait. This way I can get done the immediate stuff and then take time for myself. I was feeling very burnt out on Friday after I finished writing a research paper because I knew I had 2 more to write by next week so I definitely can relate!


  2. I feel like I get to the point of being burnt out every week. I find the best way to avoid doing this is to take a day out of the week to plan out the following week. I will sections off times of each day to get homework done so that I can be in bed at a decent time and have some me time to surf the net, watch videos, fall asleep to a movie, etc. I always make sure to light candles when I am doing homework, have a nice cup of cold water beside me and give myself little gols to get done within increments of time. Fifteen minutes to finish this portion of this assignment and then I get to watch a video as a reward. Most of the time I get on a role and can finish it in one stretch. It is important to have a work life balance. Make sure you are taking care of yourself.


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