Daniel, Killer of Trees.

A little update on my learning project.

Shout out to all those who gave me their suggestions on studying tips! I will definitely make an effort to try them out!

In my last blog I said I was going to try rewarding myself with snacks, use the flora app to keep me away from my phone, listen to Mozart, and move my study space around.

Things I learned:

  1.  I have no self control. The snacks were gone instantly.
  2. I have no sympathy for trees cause I have killed numerous amounts on Flora.
  3. I don’t like Mozart.

So the tip about snacks, did not help at all cause I ran out of snacks.

Flora made no difference cause I am a cold-hearted killer.

Mozart distracted me more because I just didn’t enjoy it and would take momentary breaks from studying to ask myself “What am I listening to?”

The one thing that did help me was moving my study space. When I felt burnt out from study and can’t study any further, I would pack up my stuff and move to a different location. I found out that physically moving around cleared up my mind a little and studying in a new location makes it feel like I just started studying. I was able study much longer thanks to this tip.

I hope you guys try it out and helps you out!


5 thoughts on “Daniel, Killer of Trees.

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  1. Hey Daniel, I too when studying have tried these approaches as well! The snacks didn’t work for me as well, mainly because similarly to you I ate them instantly and then couldn’t get over thinking about how I needed either more in order to stay focused or I would find myself being so disappointed in myself by eating all of the snacks in less time than it took to read a piece of paper haha! Also with Mozart, I too found it unreal distracting because of how loud it gets and the variation in rhythm and speed, I do find calming music helps, like music for meditation. I have never tried moving around and think it would be beneficial so that’s something I will keep in mind for next semester!


      1. Hey glad you found a trick to use to help you study better! So Flora is an iPhone app were you plant a tree and each tree has different amount of time it needs to fully grow. The thing is, for the tree to grow you have to stay on the app. You can’t go check on your Instagram or anything! If you do, the tree dies and you have to start over again! It’s an app to help you not get distracted by the other apps!


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