Daniel, Killer of Trees.

A little update on my learning project.

Shout out to all those who gave me their suggestions on studying tips! I will definitely make an effort to try them out!

In my last blog I said I was going to try rewarding myself with snacks, use the flora app to keep me away from my phone, listen to Mozart, and move my study space around.

Things I learned:

  1.  I have no self control. The snacks were gone instantly.
  2. I have no sympathy for trees cause I have killed numerous amounts on Flora.
  3. I don’t like Mozart.

So the tip about snacks, did not help at all cause I ran out of snacks.

Flora made no difference cause I am a cold-hearted killer.

Mozart distracted me more because I just didn’t enjoy it and would take momentary breaks from studying to ask myself “What am I listening to?”

The one thing that did help me was moving my study space. When I felt burnt out from study and can’t study any further, I would pack up my stuff and move to a different location. I found out that physically moving around cleared up my mind a little and studying in a new location makes it feel like I just started studying. I was able study much longer thanks to this tip.

I hope you guys try it out and helps you out!


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