Hey guys!

Just had my ECS 100 class and we watched a very interesting video explaining privilege.

There was a great discussion in class how it is a very powerful video explaining privilege in a very clear way but it wasn’t without its damages. The people who were not able to any steps were singled out. You can clearly see them getting nervous or upset.

Have you guys seen this video? What are your thoughts on it? I look forward to hearing from you guys!


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  1. Hey Daniel, I was fortunate enough to watch this video in my ECS class as well. Watching it the first time made me uncomfortable and anxious, much like the people being singled out in the video. Watching it a second time made me upset- This video definitely has a thought provoking and powerful message to be taken away. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Loved this video! I watched it back a few years ago as well. I feel very uncomfortable when I watched it the first tine, however the power within the video is important to expose everyone to so they can gain understanding. You should take a look at one of my all time favorite articles “The colour of supremacy: Beyond the discourse of “white privilege”, by Z. Leonardo. Ill leave the citation below. It aligns well with this video and has really opened my eyes to this certain discourse within society and classrooms.

    Leonardo, Z. (2004). The color of supremacy: Beyond the discourse of ‘white privilege’. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 36(2), 137-152.


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