Studying how to Study

So, for my learning project I have decided to learn how to study better! It would be a really good skill to have since, I am a student and all.

For my first post I have found a site that had some useful tips that I wanted to try out!

Some of the tips I want to try out are

3. Reward Yourself With A Treat

because I’m not gonna pass up on an excuse to get my snack on. So I plan on letting myself have a snack every time I answer a specific amount of questions or if I’m doing something like an essay, for every specific amount of time I work on the essay (with no interruption).

8. Use Apps to Block Distracting Sites

I am sure I am not alone when I say that the biggest distraction is internet. I get messages, someone tags me in Facebook posts, or I just start browsing Instagram on my phone (hopefully I can start browsing Twitter instead of Instagram for EDTC300). Even though it is a huge distraction, it is also my most helpful tool for studying. so I can’t just turn off all my internet connections so having apps to block them for me will be really useful!

The blog recommends SelfControl app it does not seem like it will work for me  so I am going off a friend’s recommendation! Flora is an app where you plant a tree and pick when it will be fully grown. During the time it is growing, you cannot use your phone or it will kill the tree. The idea is that you will feel guilty about killing the tree so you won’t use it.

13. Listen to the Correct Type of Music

I always listen to instrumental music while studying because if a song has lyrics I always end up singing along and getting distracted. I have always listened to my music at a loud volume to drown out the outside noise but their blog about which music to listen to states that it should be listened at a moderate volume. It also recommends Mozart because of something called the “Mozart Effect” where listening to Mozart improves mental performance.

14. Make Your Study Space Portable

I always either sit in the first floor of the Archer Library or in RIC at school to study but the blog states that it improves information retention when you move around.

I plan on studying at a different spot everyday and maybe try moving to a different studying spot during the day.

I really hope some of these tips help me out cause I got a midterm on Friday! I will keep you guys updated on how I do! Wish me luck everyone!


6 thoughts on “Studying how to Study

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  1. To study for a big midterm I would make a “study packet” basically a booklet of all my study notes. I also find that colour coding notes and making fun headings is an encouraging way for me. I am excited to read more and try some of your studying tips!


  2. What an interesting learning project! I really like tip #3 ( reward yourself with a treat). Coming back to school after internship , I’m finding that I really have a lack of motivation to do my homework. Something that I have been doing lately is rewarding myself with treats or fun things. For example, If you do all your readings for this week you can go for a blizzard. Another thing I’ve been rewarding myself with is TV time. I’ve never been that big on sitting down and watching TV ( I usually just binge watch). Another thing I’ve been doing is rewarding myself with an hour of binge watching greys anatomy or my favourite show, “this is us” after finishing a set goal of homework!!


  3. This is such a unique topic for the learning project. I am a firm believer of #3- Reward Yourself with a Treat. I find that even the slightest reward of doing homework for so many set hours and then I can go do something else has helped me focus and accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. I am curious to find out which tips helped you. Good luck on your midterm!


  4. Hey Daniel! So cool to hear about your learning project. I especially like tip #8 because I haven’t heard of very many apps that serve this purpose! Apps are so amazing! I feel like there is literally an app for everything haha I actually just downloaded the Flora app that you mentioned in hopes that it can help me from generally being distracted from my phone. I like that it has an option to connect with someone elses phone, growing a tree together so you can put down your phones and be present – I think this also creates more accountability! Perhaps you could plant a tree with someone you know when you want to do work and then they can hold you accountable when they see that you have killed it. There is also this app called Self Control ( which blacklists websites you want to avoid for certain amounts of time – perhaps this could help too?

    Looking forward to hearing more!



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